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  1. Must keep indoor and air circulating storage environment.
  2. Keep away from high humidity, high temperature area.
  3. Keep away from easy corrosion area.
  4. After unpack product, the rest of product must be maintained by water proof paper and labeled. Long storage period may influent coil quality.
    Suggest consume them as early as possible to prevent from deterioration.
  5. Coils should be protected by rubber and skid. Contact areas must be smooth to avoid any dent on coils surface.
  6. Any vibration, sway, extrude during transportation, lifting, or storage will make various frictions. The friction mark will be more severe on the outer layer due to more friction force exerted on the coil and the friction force will be lesser towards inner coil,consequently, the degree of defect will be lesser towards inner coil.
    To avoid the possibility of damage, it is necessary to execute prevention actions.
  7. For multi-high stacking of bore horizontal coils , one should avoid stacking coils on the strapping fastener, and to avoid the abrasion or damage is by placing a rubber cover sheet on top of the strapping fastener.
    Please refer to “Correct stack coil method” as below pictures.