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    It is the only one 3 coating, 3 baking automatic continuous color coating production line in Taiwan. Also, it is one of the most competitive pre-painted lines in the world.

    The line with distinguishing features to produce high quality color coils, such as special high film thickness coils, self cleaning coil, eco efficiency coil, high duration proof UV coil, high quality home electrical appliances pre-painted coil, high gloss lacquer decoration ,spangle texture, hammer paint(PCM coil) etc.

    It applies various colors for customers' demands. Excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance.

    ROSPERITY TIEH NICE MATT STEEL, a high efficiency, high reflectivity, new generation material Pre-Painted product which use the latest 3 Coating 3 Baking (3C3B) technology. It is a unique high technology device in Taiwan. NICE MATT STEEL Pre-painted Products have polymer and formula in order to have one more protection, save up to 50% fading opportunity. This characteristic points to its distinguished performance in color preservation. Furthermore, the surface of Pre-painted steel is smooth, well Hydrophilic, dust and pollutants in the air do not easily attach onto the surface.

     It is applicable to residence, commercial zone, light industrial, roofing in countryside, roofing in plants, wall, interior siding. This product always keep its vivid colors after use long term, thus, is able to hence its additional value.